Summits on the Air (SOTA) in Virginia

Summits on the Air (SOTA) W4/Virginia Association

Welcome to Virginia

As of Feb 1, 2011 Virginia there are 542 peaks that meet the requirements for use in the Amateur Radio Summits on the Air program.

A total of 3,140 points are available to operators.

This web site offers quick links to help you find summits of interest near your location. The summit information is the same as in the officially released Association Reference Manual (ARM) for the W4 Virginia area. The SOTA document identification for this ARM is S62.1. The current revision is 1.0 dated Feburary 1, 2011.

The W4 Virginia ARM document remains the authoritative resource for Virginia SOTA summit names, numbers, location, safety issues, etc. The manual is available in the Docs area on the main Summits on the Air web site...
Per SOTA guidelines, each summit has a unique identifier comprised of three components: Country-Callarea prefix, two letter region identfier and an integer start with 1. Example...


The above number is for Hawksbill mountain in the Shenandoah Region with reference number 1. Note there are many states in the W4 call area. Currently only North/South Carolina and Virginia have released ARM documents. The managers of every W4 association are cooperating to ensure the two letter region ids are unique in the whole W4 area.

The following is a complete list of all W4 Regions including the recent Tennessee effort...
W4 Region Name State Summit ID ARM Document
AB Abingdon VA W4/AB-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
BR Blue Ridge VA W4/BR-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
CA Cumberland TN W4/CA-xxx
CM Central NC W4/CM-xxx ARM W4 Carolinas
EM Eastern Mntns NC W4/EM-xxx ARM W4 Carolinas
EP Eastern Piedmont NC W4/EP-xxx ARM W4 Carolinas
FC Fincastle VA W4/FC-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
GC Gate City VA W4/GC-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
HB Harrisonburg VA W4/HB-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
LX Lexington VA W4/LX-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
NB Nashville Basin TN W4/NB-xxx
RA Roanoke VA W4/RA-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
RV Ridge and Valley TN W4/RV-xxx
SH Shenandoah VA W4/SH-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
SU Smoky and Unaka Mtns TN W4/SU-xxx
US Upstate SC W4/US-xxx ARM W4 Carolinas
WM Western Mntns NC W4/WM-xxx ARM W4 Carolinas
WP Western Piedmont NC W4/WP-xxx ARM W4 Carolinas
WV Wytheville VA W4/WV-xxx ARM W4 Virginia
Search for your next Virginia peak to activate in SOTA with the following links: